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US-Russia sign oil and gas pact

03rd July 2012

US and Russian energy giants sign MOU to jointly pursue opportunities in Russia’s oil and gas industry

US and Russia have signed a MOU to develop business opportunities in Russia

GE and OJSC Rosneft have signed an agreement to jointly evaluate and develop commercial opportunities in oil and gas exploration and production in the Russian Federation.

“GE Oil & Gas has developed a comprehensive portfolio that we believe can meet the challenges of the unique Russian oil and gas environment,” said the company in a statement on 3 July.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by John Krenicki, GE vice chairman and president and CEO of GE Energy; and Igor Sechin, president of Rosneft anThe agreement calls for a strategic, cooperative relationship that would (1) leverage GE Oil & Gas technologies to help Rosneft improve efficiency and yields in its oil and gas exploration and recovery operations, and (2) explore opportunities to jointly develop, manufacture and sell equipment for use in Russia’s oil and gas industry.

“The MOU underscores GE’s interest in discussing, jointly with the Russian government and Russian oil and gas companies, the technology needs of the Russian oil and gas industry today and in the future, identifying key areas of cooperation to create value for the Russian Federation and GE,” said Krenicki. “GE Oil & Gas has developed a comprehensive portfolio that we believe can meet the challenges of the unique Russian oil and gas environment.”

Under the terms of the MOU, GE and Rosneft will form a joint working group to identify the range of potential opportunities for short and long–term opportunities, including equipment for Arctic offshore field development, gas monetization technologies and enhanced oil recovery and difficult reserve development.

GE Oil & Gas has developed technology for increasing gas monetization and recovery efficiency as well as developing fields in the most extreme conditions. GE Oil & Gas has a history of partnering with major oil and gas companies to provide package solutions throughout the oil and gas reservoir life cycle.

GE is committed to investing in local leadership, capability, coverage and the supply chain to serve global customers better and faster. Partnering with local resources had led to technology transfer and local companies becoming worldwide GE suppliers. GE’s localization success stories include ventures in Russia’s gas turbine mechanical drive and power sectors, as well as endeavours in China, Brazil, India, Latin America and the Middle East.

GE Oil & Gas, headquartered in Florence, Italy, employs 33,000 people and has operations in approximately 130 countries worldwide, generating more than USD 14 billion of annual revenue. GE sells advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, from subsea, drilling and production, LNG, pipelines and storage to industrial power generation, refining and petrochemicals.


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