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Hardy awaits government approval for 2015 production restart offshore India

02nd December 2014

Hardy Oil and Gas is seeking approval of the final development plan (FDO) for the PY-3 field from the Indian government for planned recommencement of production in 2015

Hardy awaits government approval for 2015 production restart offshore India
The field was shut-in on 30 July 2011

"Our primary objectives remain to secure key stakeholders' approvals and initiate activity that will take us closer to realising production from our portfolio of assets,” said Ian MacKenzie, chief executive officer of Hardy.

The field was shut-in on 30 July 2011.

The Indian petroleum secretary convened a meeting with stakeholders to discuss a way forward.

Hardy subsequently held two operating committee meetings and a number of other meetings with government officials to advance approvals.

An updated FDP has been circulated to partners for final review and ratification prior to seeking final approval from the government.

“The company remains in a strong working capital position from which to fund its planned work activity and we look forward to updating the market further in due course."

The PY-3 field is located off the east coast of India, 80-kilometres south of Pondicherry in water depths between 40 and 450 metres.

The Cauvery Basin was developed in the late Jurassic/early Cretaceous period and straddles the present-day east coast of India. The licence, which covers 81 km2, produces high quality light crude oil (49° API).

The field was developed using floating production facilities and subsea wellheads, a first for an offshore field in India.

The facility at PY-3 consists of the floating production unit, Tahara, and a 65,000 DWT tanker, Endeavor, which acts as a floating storage and offloading unit.

There are four subsea wells tied back to Tahara. Tahara has a three-stage crude oil separation system, with the first two stages being three-phase separators and the third stage a two-phase separator.

Liquid processing capacity on Tahara is 20,000 bbld with 17 mmscfd of gas handling capacity. The field currently produces associated gas in the range of 3.5 mmscfd.  This produced gas is used as fuel gas with excess gas being flared. The stabilised crude oil is pumped from Tahara to Endeavor for storage and offloading to shuttle tankers. Crude oil from the PY-3 field is sold to CPCL at its refinery in Nagapattinam, approximately 70-kilometres south of the PY-3 field.

The PY-3 offshore oilfield was discovered on licence CY-0S 90/1 by ONGC in 1988 and, as a result of the development programme instituted by Hardy, was brought into production in November 1997.

Hardy is the operator of the PY-3 field, and is party to a PSC together with ONGC, TATA and HOEC.


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