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COSL completes first offshore drill with self-developed rotary drilling system

24th November 2014

China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) has said its self-developed rotary steering drilling system, Welleader, has completed its first offshore directional drilling operation, an achievement that reaffirms the company's service capability in provision of offshore rotary steering drilling technology

COSL completes first offshore drill with self-development rotary drilling system
The Welleader system has delivered outstanding performances, according to COSL

Welleader is a rotary steering drilling system that the company has been developing in house for a period of five years since 2008, with full intellectual property right.

It represents a breakthrough in the monopoly of technologies by products of this kind originated from the overseas.

On a foundation established by previous onshore tests, this operation has adopted the company's self-developed logging while drilling system Drilog, together with Welleader, assembling a solution that performs electromagnetic wave resistivity and natural gammy ray logging functionality, making remote real-time transmission of geosteering data possible.

The Welleader system has delivered outstanding performances, according to COSL. It has gone through the sandstone and mudstone strata in a well, performed high-speed rotary directional drilling throughout the whole process, thereby guaranteed accuracy of the trajectory and lifted the overall efficiency of the drilling operation.

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