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Cortland Company’s precision lifting solution for topsides modules

24th September 2015

Cortland Company has delivered a precision lifting solution for the successful installation of a topsides module offshore in the UK North Sea.

Cortland Company's precision lifting solution
Cortland Company's precision lifting solution

This project required an extremely precise lift with millimetre level tolerances. The module needed to remain in a narrow position and at a specified tilt at all times.

Cortland supplied a unique hybrid of high performance Plasma 12x12 rope slings, and Selantic round slings to the client, to allow installation of this 800-metric-tonne topsides module. Cortland, the only company to offer this combination of engineered sling types from one source, worked with Seaway Heavy Lifting who were contracted for the transportation and installation of the module.

Dirk-Jan Mattaar, Principal Engineer, Seaway Heavy Lifting said, "We trust Cortland for their engineering expertise and their strong track record in providing synthetic slings for critical heavy lifts. Their recommendation to use both Plasma® 12x12 rope slings, and Selantic® round slings, was the solution we needed.”

“Selantic round slings are produced with accuracy to .25% length under load,” added Rob Arends, Cortland’s European Rope Sales Manager. “The combination of eight Selantic® slings, along with four Plasma 12x12 eye-to-eye slings, ensured Cortland provided a tailored solution offering the strength and accuracy required for this project.”

Stuart Janke, Global Sales Leader for Cortland said: "The completion of the installation of this topsides module is a significant milestone for the team, and Cortland is pleased to have played a part in its successful delivery.”

Cortland’s Plasma 12x12 is a 12-strand single braided rope in which each of the 12 strands is, in turn, a 12-strand rope. This patented construction addresses the most critical properties of the fibres, to provide very high strength translation efficiency for larger ropes. Selantic slings, with an endless loop construction, are able to be fabricated to very tight tolerances with strengths > 2000Te.

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