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Brazilian oil giant launches new oil platform

16th July 2012

Petrobras inaugurates drilling rig P-59 in Bahia

Brazilian oil giant launches new oil platform
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Petrobras boss Maria Foster put in an appearance and stressed how the country’s "capacity to produce has become a reality"

Petrobras has christened the self-raising platform P-59 in São Roque do Paraguaçu, Brazil, in a ceremony attended by President Dilma Rousseff and head of Petrobras Maria das Graças Silva Foster.

The drilling unit will first be used to develop the Peroá Profundo exploratory well in the Peroá field off the coast of Espírito Santo. It is expected to service in the development and production of future wells, said Petrobras.

The project, worth  USD 360m, sees the oil firm deliver an original pledge to foster economic growth in São Roque do Paraguaçu. It created 2,100 jobs during the platform’s construction, a quarter of which came from local workforce.

The drilling unit has three retractable and independent legs with 145 meters each and a floating hull weighing 11 tonnes. It is capable of drilling wells of up to 9,144m and of operating in areas where water depths vary between 10-106m.

The P-59 has a retracting movable structure which allows the derrick to be moved longitudinally and transversally, and several wells can be drilled without the need to relocate the platform.

The P-59 was built at Petrobras' São Roque do Paraguaçu yard. The P-60 platform, identical to P-59, is also under construction at the yard, and is expected to be completed by August. Both platforms are part of the federal government's Growth Acceleration Program (PAC).

Over two thirds of national technology was used in the construction of the rig, Petrobras told OGT.
Speaking at the ceremony, Foster said Brazil’s "capacity to produce has become a reality". "We have industry, we have personnel, we have capacity," added Rousseff.

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