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Polarcus engaged on wide-azimuth project for WesternGeco

17th September 2019

Polarcus is now in operation on the multi-vessel wide-azimuth project for WesternGeco, the geophysical services product line of Schlumberger, in the Salina del Istmo Basin in the Gulf of Mexico.

The project incorporates two Polarcus high-end streamer vessels plus two source vessels. As previously announced, the duration of the project is approximately four months; a total of eight vessel months.

This is the first Polarcus project working for WesternGeco since the divestment of its marine acquisition business in 2018.

The seismic data acquired by Polarcus will be transferred via satellite directly to the client using Polarcus Cirrus™. This provides the client with near real-time access to high fidelity seismic data allowing for faster, more informed project decisions and contributing to shortening the exploration cycle.

Polarcus CEO Duncan Eley commented:

“We are extremely pleased to be underway on this complex, multi vessel project for a new Polarcus client. This will be our second commercial project using the Polarcus Cirrus™ data transfer and cloud processing offering, helping our clients to shorten the exploration cycle by giving real-time access to their seismic survey data”.

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