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Plan for smoother terminal & refinery logistics with new Houttuin™ TT series

09th February 2018

CIRCOR Pumping Technologies will unveil the new Houttuin™ TT two-screw pump series at StocExpo, 20-22 March in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The new Houttuin™ TT two-screw pump series

The lighter, smaller pump is designed to help refinery and tank terminal operators optimize their unloading and transfer applications.

Houttuin positive displacement pumps offer reliable delivery of a wide variety of fluids at a desired rate, even under changing or unpredictable process conditions. With the new TT series, pumps can load or unload cargo in the same amount of time, regardless of the liquid involved or the discharge head required. This series offers higher flow capability and lower net positive suction head (NPSH) than similarly sized pumps for these applications. With discharge pressure limited to 20 barg, this pump’s narrower root diameter increases the displacement, resulting in greater flow at the same pressure. 

The Houttuin TT series has an NPSH as low as 1.5mwc at full speed, dependent on process conditions, making it especially well suited to reliable operation in difficult low NPSH/high vapor pressure fluid applications compared to alternatives. With it comes the peace of mind that variable storage fluid levels or inlet pressures won’t compromise operation, while operators can safeguard the pump against cavitation.   

Compliant with API 676-3rd, the Houttuin TT series is ideal for oil & gas applications. It’s also suitable for process and transport duties for fluids typically handled in the chemical, food and beverage, shipbuilding and other segments. 

New features include: 

Relief valve cast into the pump body
Root diameter reduced for greater displacement
Case length and bearing span reduced
Optional intermediate covers for cartridge and dual seal arrangements 
Big gearbox with fins for ambient air cooling
Replaceable assembled rotors with materials matched to application

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