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Over 300 oil & gas companies adopt Dropsafe to protect against dropped object hazards

25th June 2018

Dropsafe has seen demand for advanced mesh safety nets increase in line with growing industry awareness of the risks posed by Dropped Objects, on- and offshore.

Protection against drop hazards

Over 300 of the world’s major Oil & Gas (O&G) producers and contractors have adopted Dropsafe’s patented stainless steel mesh nets to protect against the risk of dropped objects, in a market development indicative of the industry’s continued drive to consolidate best practice and further improve workplace safety. Dropsafe is the leading provider of dropped objects prevention solutions for the global O&G markets.

The threat posed by dropped objects on industrial sites such as offshore O&G platforms, rigs, vessels, and onshore facilities is well-established; with drops among the top 10 causes of fatality and serious injury in the O&G sector.[1] Furthermore, they commonly result in a significant cost – both financial and reputational – to management teams.

While solutions such as slings have been used in the past in an aim to prevent objects from falling, there has been a growing recognition in the industry that these measures are unfit for purpose and offer inadequate protection against incidents. They additionally often prove to be a repeat cost, due to the regular need to replace and repair them.

As the industry increases its focus on driving up safety standards, longer-term solutions such as high-quality mesh nets are becoming the favoured solution to these challenges. Over its 20 years manufacturing safety and security technology, Dropsafe has seen demand for its leading mesh-security and mesh-safety products increase, with the technology being deployed to project sites across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the USA and to all leading operators. 

Dropsafe nets securely enclose and tether overhead fixtures such as lights, speakers, and CCTV cameras, to prevent dropped objects falling from height and threatening the safety of personnel. The technology, developed in collaboration with O&G industry professionals, offers application-specific solutions for a wide range of fixture types, enabling customers to confidently improve workplace safety and minimise risks to operational integrity.

With senior teams often held liable for injury and damage, the installation of high-quality nets also protects against the significant financial, legal and reputational consequences that can arise from an accident, including liability for employee compensation, the costs of material damage to project infrastructure, and the reputational damage caused by a high-profile safety incident.

Mike Rice, Commercial Director at Dropsafe, said: “We’ve been in this market a long time and we’ve seen exactly what can happen when things go wrong. When project managers and their HSE teams fail to invest in appropriate drops prevention technology, they risk not only the safety of their people, but also the financial and reputational stability of their own business.”

“We’ve been pleased to see demand for our leading mesh net products increase significantly since Dropsafe was established, pointing to the increasing commitment of the O&G sector to high standards of safety and quality. Now, the industry must ensure that this progress is not arrested by cost-cutting measures as the industry enters a period of squeezed margins. When times are tight, protecting against the human, financial, and reputational damage caused by dropped objects only becomes more important.”

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