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Leading player in the global E-Learning VR market

02nd July 2019

Focused on providing new methods, technologies, and interactive learning solutions, SQLearn proceeds with designing and developing Virtual Reality applications, in order to transform training into a lifelike experience.

SQLearn proudly announces that, according to Zion Market Research, is one of the key participants operating in the global e-learning virtual reality market among other prestigious companies such as Avantis Systems, eLearning Studios, Enlighten, Google, Immerse, LearnBrite, Lenovo, MOOC Solutions, Oculus VR, etc. Zion Market Research in its report titled “E-Learning Virtual Reality Market by Component and By Application: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2018–2027” mentions that the global e-learning virtual reality market was approximately USD 60 million in 2018 and is expected to reach approximately USD 1,478 million by 2027. According to the report, SQLearn seems to be one of the leading market players.

SQLearn, as part of its services for the maritime industry, has opened up this fascinating world by creating Real Dolphin that combines virtual reality technology with innovative e-learning resources.

About SQLearn

A Greek company founded in 2006, SQLearn is a specialized provider of e-learning services for the shipping industry. The complete solution that SQLearn suggests for maritime is called Dolphin Platforms and includes a Learning Management System for both ashore and onboard training with an integrated library of dozens of innovative and specialized e-learning courses.

SQLearn’s e-learning facilities and e-learning courses are certified according to relevant ABS standards and to ISO 9001:2015.