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Gardner Denver launches new white paper on managing EPC contracts

20th June 2019

Gardner Denver has created a new guide with helpful tips and insights on project management for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts that require compressed air and vacuum equipment.

Available to download from, the white paper explores the implications of taking on an EPC contract and how a sound project management plan and other specific strategies can improve productivity and help deliver schemes ahead of schedule and without extra costs.

EPC contracts allow contractors to allocate and specialise in the work they undertake – but managing them can be complex and often requires specialist knowledge. The new white paper from Gardner Denver helps by breaking down the process from start to finish.

Strategies to reduce risks and also improve success rates are explored in-depth. It covers how sales teams and managers should work closely with both client-side technical staff and engineering companies early on, with the following targets in mind:

  • Study and adopt specifications to fulfil the requirements of their client.
  • Analyse in advance, machines, custom-builds and special requirements.
  • Request documentation from the supplier detailing local/international regulations and certificates for manufacturing, materials etc.
  • Ensure that all equipment has common characteristics.

The guide also outlines how important it is for EPC contractors to put together a well-crafted action plan, which includes all necessary detail, including areas that require special attention based on initial analysis of the customer specification.

Lucia Morote, Project Manager (EPC Business) at Gardner Denver Industrials Group, says: “Project management teams in EPC contracts control the entire process from the design, through assembly, to commissioning. Their role is essential and highly challenging.

“This white paper from Gardner Denver includes invaluable insights on EPC project management, including how to correctly analyse a project’s technical requirements to fit the most efficient solution for a customer’s needs. Readers can also pick up more specific tips for reducing costs and improving efficiency along the entire life cycle of a contract.”

To download Gardner Denver’s new white paper on project management for EPC contractors, visit:

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