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CGG GeoSoftware Donates Seismic Reservoir Characterization Software to Delft University of Technology

27th March 2018

CGG GeoSoftware has donated its Jason and HampsonRussell seismic reservoir characterization software suites to Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands.

“CGG GeoSoftware’s Jason geophysical software package has a long-established relationship with TU Delft. More than 30 years ago, a group of students from the University started a company called Jason Geosystems, which laid the foundations for today’s industry-leading software.”

The donation of a full HampsonRussell suite and the renewal of an enhanced Jason package will enable students at the Department of Geoscience & Engineering to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge of quantitative reservoir characterization and inversion techniques.

Myrna Staring, PhD student at TU Delft, said: "A team of students are currently using our new HampsonRussell software suite to take part in the AAPG’s Imperial Barrel Award program, an annual prospective basin evaluation competition for geoscience graduate students from universities around the world. So far, we have used it to perform an acoustic post-stack inversion for both acoustic impedance and velocity and to make a porosity estimation of our reservoir. We are very pleased with the results and also impressed with the software’s user-friendliness thanks to very helpful user manuals embedded in the program." 

Kees Wapenaar, Professor of Applied Geophysics, Department of Geoscience & Engineering, TU Delft, said: “We are delighted to have received these software donations from CGG, with whom TU Delft has a strong historic connection. Over 30 years ago, a group of students at Delft University started a company called Jason Geosystems, which laid the foundations for the industry-leading geophysical software package that Jason has become today.”

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware, CGG, said: “Given our very close historic ties to TU Delft, the university is a key partner as we extend our software donation program in Europe. TU Delft is renowned for its conduct of high-quality scientific research for societal and industrial applications and it is a source of pride that its students will continue to have access to Jason and can now also benefit from a full suite of our HampsonRussell software to increase their proficiency in reservoir characterization. This kind of cooperation is important to support the training of the next generation of geoscientists while bringing benefits to all parties involved. TU Delft has a thematic approach to national and international research and we support its Delft Energy Initiative to contribute to energy innovation and ensure that sustainable energy provision remains an urgent priority for society.” 

CGG GeoSoftware has been donating its software for research and training purposes since 1986 and over 130 universities and colleges now participate worldwide.

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