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This will deliver the first-ever optimised flow technology within Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers (STHEs).STHEs are the most commonly used heat exchangers worldwide 1. Non-uniform flow of product fluid... - 12th April 2019
The new study by the Energy Watch Group and LUT University is the first of its kind to outline a 1.5°C scenario with a cost-effective, cross-sectoral, technology-rich global 100% renewable energy system... - 12th April 2019
PMMs are more efficient than traditional induction motors (IM).  Used in conjunction with the dually compatible (PM and IM) Axiom II variable frequency drive, Borets PMMs can reduce ESP power... - 11th April 2019
The challenging project involved both onshore studies and offshore work, equating to over 35,000 man-hours. The teams at Innovo and Petroconst SA combined their engineering and construction capabilities to... - 10th April 2019
Fast-track data sets will be delivered in batches from the end of April, giving interested oil companies sufficient time to understand offshore petroleum systems and appraise blocks offered in Gabon’s... - 10th April 2019
Packed with a robust processor and upgraded battery, memory, and storage capacity, the Archer 3 is the most powerful of the bestselling Archer handhelds to date. Six years after the release of the Archer 2... - 9th April 2019
Damen has long been in discussion with Shell and other oil majors on where and how to change the logistical mix for crew change purposes by accessing Damen’s portfolio of marine access solutions. An... - 9th April 2019
Renowned in the global geophysics industry as a leading provider of innovative seismic equipment and reservoir monitoring instruments, Sercel has designed and manufactured an extensive range of cutting-edge... - 9th April 2019
The deals involve provision of portable gas detection equipment to three major operators over five years, including more than 1,700 personal gas monitors designed to warn personnel of potential dangers.... - 3rd April 2019
Consus Global, a leading procurement services provider and Ivalua, the leading global Spend Management Cloud provider, today announced that Pacific Drilling, a deep water drilling company based in... - 3rd April 2019