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Simplify your inspections, use RFID

09th July 2015

All lifting equipment requires regular inspection, tracking and filing reports on paper can be a time consuming task for any inspector. Van Beest now offers a solution with an easily accessible RFID chip in our range of Green Pin® Standard Shackles. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

This small RFID chip responds to a radio-signal that is transmitted by a reader. Each chip has a unique number and this number can link the individual shackle to a record in an inspection management system.

The chips are impact resistant and durable and are countersunk into the end of the shackle pin.

Furthermore, these passive chips are NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible, allowing users to scan, identify and track the shackles with their latest generation NFC compatible smartphone.

Van Beest offers the option of RFID implementation on all Green Pin® standard shackles.

Types G-4151 and G-4161 from WLL 8.5 t and upward. Types G-4153 and G-4163 from WLL 17 t and upward.


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