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Reliable protection for instruments

30th January 2014

AS-Schneider gauge snubbers reduce the pressure spikes that can happen as a result of the rapid closing of a valve

The gauge protector is designed for steadily increasing and continuous pressure

AS-Schneider gauge snubbers reduce the pressure spikes that can occur from the rapid closing of a valve. The pressure inside a pipe is rarely constant particularly in industrial applications where static pressure increases or short-term pressure surges frequently tamper with the plant. Pressure instruments may be affected by these fluctuations. The consequences range from erroneous measurement results to irreparable damage if the maximum allowable pressure of the gauge is exceeded.

Gauge protectors are designed for gradually increasing and constant pressure such as in the thermal expansion of the medium in the pipeline. A shut-off valve is located in the interior which works against a spring. If the pressure in the line is less than the spring force, the valve opens. If the pressure force exceeds the spring force, a piston moves toward the valve seat and closes off access to the pressure gauge. As a result measuring Instruments are protected from damage. If the pressure drops below the set limit, the valve then opens again.

The standard version of the AS-Schneider gauge protectors sits in a forged stainless steel or brass body. However, other materials are available for special requirements. The maximum set pressure is 600 bar and the maximum inlet pressure is also 600 bar for brass. Stainless steel is even higher at 1000 bar. Gauge protectors are suitable for use in temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Pressure surges that occur at the gauge snubber inlet are reduced via an adjustable gap between the valve stem and the body seat. Measuring instruments can be read more accurately in this way because pressure fluctuations are smoothed out. Gauge snubbers can also be used as a timing element in a controller. Its body is usually made of brass but other versions in different materials using bar material are also available.

AS-Schneider is a family-run company, which was founded in 1875 and has over 300 employees. It is a manufacturer of Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in Romania, Singapore, Dubai and Houston with professional partners in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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