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Oil sludge treatment unit undergoes tests

17th April 2012

Pre-commissioning work starts on innovative environmental waste management solution at Ukrainian refinery

Oil refining waste is seen as a critical environmental problem

Waste management specialist, Man Oil Group (MOG) has begun checks on its oil sludge processing unit at a Ukrainian refinery owned by major Russian oil company, TNK-BP.

The product, STORM 15 (Sludge Treatment Oil Recovery Machine), has been developed and will be operated by MOG AG at the LINIK refinery.

The contract was awarded on 1 July 1 2011 following a tender process in which one of the key selection criteria was a guaranteed high capacity of environmentally friendly processing.

The first stage of the project at the LINIK site involves processing waste oil products and cleaning processed mixtures in order to return hydrocarbons to primary refining processes and increase environmental safety.

STORM-15 is an “economical, environmentally friendly, technological solution for the upstream and downstream markets’ treatment of oil waste, efficiently processing even heavy oil sludge types”, said MOG in a statement.

Its technology has been developed following three years’ research and development at the company’s scientific laboratories and engineering bureaus, working with leading international industry experts.

The idea is to deliver environmentally friendly oil sludge processing which does not change the chemical structure of recovered hydrocarbons to form any new toxic elements.

The company claims it can recover up to 95% hydrocarbons from oil sludge; process most types of incoming sludge; deliver results within the current corporate HSE standards, corporate environmental expertise and control procedures that are applicable to oil companies such as the strict environmental control over the activities of their contractors and sub-contractors at their sites.

Genadi Man, Man Oil Group President and CEO, said “TNK-BP is our first major multi-national client; STORM 15 was commissioned for their industrial site in Lisichansk as it delivers clear advantages in the treatment of cleaning all types of oil pollution. This high-tech project is the result of millions of dollars of investment in R&D, years of testing and we are confident that the STORM-15 solution will be a major force in the global treatment of contaminated waste.”

Evgeniy Belenko, Director of Scientific Department, Man Oil Group Russia said the technology “represents a breakthrough in the waste utilisation market worldwide”.

“Demand for waste oil processing is constantly growing due to drawbacks in oil production and refining technologies, together with anthropogenic load on soil and water eco-systems; contamination of the environment with crude oils and oil products is one of the most illustrative examples as hydrocarbons get connected tightly with solid surfaces, including soils, and remediation of such sites becomes very problematic. STORM-15 enables pollutants to be detoxified simultaneously with the recovery of hydrocarbons from a wide range of oil sludge, creating no new hazardous components”, he added.

Vladimir Kirillov, Head of the Russian Environmental Control Authority (RosPrirodNadzor) said: “Commissioning of STORM-15, with positive operating results, is one of the most significant events in the implementation of an environmental waste management program. The Russian government is very focused on new technologies that can treat accumulated environmental damage, and are highly supportive of those that deliver the most environmentally friendly and economically efficient solutions in this sphere”.

Oil refining waste is seen as a critical environmental problem; annual oil sludge volumes have increased to critical levels despite oil refining volumes not being high.



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