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ecom instruments presents a global first for Zone 1: First Intrinsically Safe PDA with WWAN

25th February 2014

ecom PDA i.roc Ci70‐WWAN offers new ways to stay connected in remote hazardous areas to improve safety, workforce productivity, realtime visibility and item‐level tracking

ecom PDA i.roc Ci70‐WWAN offers new ways to stay connected in remote hazardous areas to improve safety

The recent introduction of WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) capability for ecom’s i.roc Ci70 – Ex handheld computer (PDA) allows operators, inspectors and logistics controllers working in remote Zone 1 / Class I, Div. 1 hazardous areas to stay connected to corporate teams using existing mobile phone networks.

Solving the Remote Challenge

Pipelines, onshore Oil & Gas wellheads, large chemical plants & refineries, open‐cast mines, remote explosives stores, and large yards holding hazardous material have traditionally been a headache for businesses looking to introduce more efficient and accurate ways of working using mobile computers – often due to the risk, cost and effort required to implement a wireless WiFi network.

Inspection and logistics contractors also face the challenge that their backend systems are often not connected to their customer’s network and, when a wireless WiFi network does exist, the contractor PDA can be denied access to this network for security reasons.

As a result, paper‐based recording has remained, or has been replaced by PDAs operating offline from the network – both of which have the disadvantage that the latest information held on corporate systems cannot be viewed on demand to assist with solving the problem discovered by the user on arrival at the site.

But not anymore – the cure for this headache is here. Advanced WWAN technology is now available on ecom’s i.roc Ci70 PDA, enabling the use of commonly available mobile phone networks to provide realtime connectivity to centralised and cloud based networks. This improves access to the latest information while the user is standing in front of the valve to be inspected or at the hazardous material to be shipped.


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