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Brazilian authorities to probe oil leak causes

20th March 2012

Chevron operations linked to oil leaks found on seabed

Committee to analyse subsea oil leaks discovered off Rio

Brazil's National Petroleum Agency has set up a committee to analyse new oil leaks discovered on the sea floor in the offshore Frade field, where US oil major  Chevron Corp has drilling operations, Dow Jones reported.

The agency, known as the ANP, said submarine footage, taken on 15 March, showed oil escaping from five points along an 800m-long crack in the seabed.

ANP said there are so far no signs that the leak is worsening. However Chevron has suspended all oil production in the Frade field, which lies offshore from Rio de Janeiro.

The ANP is coordinating a committee made up of technicians from Chevron, Petrobras and Frade Japao Petroleo Limitado, all of which have stakes in the consortium that operates Frade. The Mining and Energy Ministry will act as an observer.

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